* TutorVision 3-D CD - Volume 1*

TutorVision 3-D CD Volume 1
contains the following material:

Video Tutorials
- How to make a logo appear out of a "volumetric-fog" effect.
- Use morph objects to create a "worm-hole" effect.
- How to create a text reveal effect using the Effectors plugin.
- Using Lens Flares to create a realistic sun and eclipse effect.
- Making a curtain "blow in the wind" with a displacement map.
- The basics of blowing up a spaceship and how to create realistic explosions with still-frame image maps.

Text Tutorials
#1 - How to create a looping Fractal Noise image sequence.
#2 - Making laser beams that look great and are easy to control.
#3 - 6 tips for working with Modeler's Layers and how to clearly
name your polygon surfaces.
#4 - A better way to create planetary rings with the Morph function.
#5 - Realistic lighting for your outdoor, day-time scenes.
#6 - An easy, but effective way to make rocket thruster exhaust for
your space ship animations.

Reviews & Interviews
A video interview with Digital Domain animator and author of the FX Kit series of LightWave training books, Alan Chan.

Product Showcase
Check out some of the newest and most popular LightWave compatible products available on the market right now. Complete with images, animations, and all available product info.

Animators Showcase
See numerous samples of work from other LightWave3D users around the world. There are dozens of still-frames and a handful of AVI format animations. All work includes information about the artists that created it and how to get in touch with them.

Objects & Images
A dozen high-quality Objects in LightWave format with rendered AVI previews of what they look like in action. A dozen original Image maps in different file formats, ready for use in LightWave3D.

Mailing List Archives
More than 4,000 (3 months worth) hand-picked and sorted messages from the LightWave Mailing List in HTML format for web browsers. Another 10,000 (6 months worth) messages in standard TEXT file format.

All this and much more can be found on
TutorVision 3-D CD - Volume 1

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