* TutorVision 3-D CD - Volume 2*

TutorVision 3-D CD Volume 2
Here are some of the key features of this great new CD:
  • Comes on 2 CD-Roms, both filled to capacity!

  • The Video Tutorials section contains almost 6 HOURS of video tutorials that play back on the same computer monitor that LightWave is running on.

  • All Video Tutorials are tightly edited with clear, easy-to-follow video and audio.

  • Teaches you everything you how to start doing Character Animation with LightWave!

  • A completely re-designed interface works on the PC, Macintosh, or DEC Alpha.

  • "Continuous-play" mode allows you to view Video Tutorials without lifting a finger.

  • All tutorials are created with LightWave 5.5.

  • Final CD will contain additional material to cover changes in LightWave 5.6

  • Many other improvements and new additions!

Volume 2 contains the following: Video Tutorials
  • A 2 1/2 hour long tutorial on using MetaNurbs to model a humanoid character.

  • Setting up bone skeletons for your character.

  • Setting up Inverse Kinematics for your character.

  • Applying the MetaMetion plugin to your character.

  • Making your character walk.

  • Making your character interact with other objects. (Picking stuff up)

  • Lip-Syncing techniques.

  • Using Morph Gizmo to do Facial Expressions.

Text Tutorials
  • Using Metanurbs to create morphable character faces.

  • Making character animation easier with Puppet Master.

  • Techniques for Mirroring Bone Skeletons.

  • Tips for putting clothing on your character.

  • How to make your character leave footprints in sand, dirt, or snow.

  • Animating a robot with Inverse Kinematics and seperate body parts.

  • A "bonus" tutorial that will teach you how to create your own LightWave plugins!

All Scene files and objects for all tutorials are included on the CD!

Also included on TutorVision 3-D CD volume 2:

Reviews & Interviews
An in-depth interview with Stephen Bailey from Will Vinton Studios...one of the guys who works on the M&M commercials!    Reviews of many new and popular LightWave products, like Relativity, FiberFactory2, Doug Kelly's Character Animation book, and many others!

Product Showcase
Check out some of the newest and most popular LightWave compatible products available on the market right now.    Complete with sample images, sceenshots, and all available product info.

Animators Showcase
See numerous examples of work from other LightWave3D users around the world!    There are dozens of still-frames and a dozen AWESOME animations...many with sound!    All work includes information about the artists that created it and how to get in touch with them.

Objects & Images
A dozen high-quality Objects in LightWave format with spinning rendered previews of what they look like in.    A dozen original Texture maps in different file formats, ready for use in LightWave3D.

All this and much more can be found on
TutorVision 3-D CD - Volume 2

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